Laced In Lies: A Shelby Nichols Adventure

Laced In Lies: A Shelby Nichols Adventure

Meet Shelby Nichols, mind-reader extraordinaire.

A typical day in the life of Shelby Nichols involves cheating husbands, solving the hardest cases for the police, and working for a big time mob-boss, all because of her little secret that she can read minds. It can get complicated, especially considering she has a husband and two kids.

Ramos, Uncle Joey’s hit-man, is reluctant to involve Shelby when an acquaintance from his past comes into town. Uncle Joey has a favor to ask Shelby which involves heading to New York City and meeting his estranged relatives. Then there’s Dimples, a police detective, who needs her help finding the person behind a deadly new drug.

It’s no wonder Shelby has a hard time keeping everything straight. But the worst is deciding how to explain her crazy, mixed-up life to her kids. So far, her explanations have all been laced in lies, and she worries that, if the truth ever comes out, they will never trust her again.

Of course, none of that matters if she doesn’t escape the deadly enemy that takes her by surprise. Facing death has a way of putting things into perspective, if only she can stay alive long enough to appreciate it…


~The Shelby Nichols Adventures are pleasant reads with nothing offensive.Through it all, Shelby is well dressed (usually in black lace in this book) and trying to do the right thing. It makes for a likable heroine and wildly entertaining reading. ~Sharon Haddock, Deseret News

~Laced In Lies is great light reading. Some of the situations she gets into have me laughing out loud. One of my favorite series. It just keeps getting better. ~ Evie, Amazon Reviewer

~Laced In Lies is a great book from a fantastic series, and if you haven't tried it you should!!! ~Stormie @BMR reviews oh my!

~Shelby is a lovable character who is down-to-earth and who most people would love to have as a friend. If you are a lover of books that have some amazing character development, then this series is for you. ~ Stephanie, The Journey Unexpected

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